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clothing is an exclusive ready-to-wear line that exemplifies the relaxed and feminine lifestyle of the modern sophisticated woman. Using natural fabrics, the cut is international, designs are contemporary, and the look is evergreen.

Linen, cotton and viscose are featured fabrics, imported from leading European fabric mills. Fabric selection is the critical first step in the creation of a clothing garment. Only the highest quality fabric with attractive prints and interesting colours are chosen.

To ensure the production of a highly superior garment, stringent quality control is adopted in the manufacturing process. Each style is produced in limited quantity, with refined stitching and meticulous attention to the smallest details. Only the best accessories imported from Japan and Europe, are used in each garment.

Production runs continuously throughout the year, with new merchandise delivered to the stores almost every week. This just-in-time manufacturing process ensures that the latest trends in the market are translated into garments for our customers in the shortest time. As a result, our regular clientele see continual newness in the stores, bright colours and a wide variety of prints. Sizes from 2/4 to 18/20 are available. clothing is exclusively available at boutiques in Singapore.


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Linen is the epitomy of natural fabric, renowned for its elegance, sophistication and durability. Linen is thermo-regulating, non-allergenic, anti-static and antibacterial.

Linen garments are known for their cool and comfortable feel, allowing the skin to breathe and air to circulate. It is also moisture-absorbent, making it particularly suitable for use in tropical countries. Due to its non-allergenic properties, linen is also for those with sensitive skin or allergic to man-made fibres.

A natural characteristic of linen is creasing. A creased appearance actually signifies a purely natural garment, untainted with man-made yarn. In fact, the more the garment is worn and creased, the more the fabric softens and the creases become less noticeable. Another characteristic is the presence of slubs and slight differences in shades, giving linen a decidedly natural and unprocessed look.


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Cotton, the principal clothing fabric in garment manufacturing, is known to be cool, soft and comfortable. Cotton absorbs and releases moisture quickly, thus allowing the skin to breathe. Like linen, creasing is a natural characteristic. As cotton mixes are common, this is an indicator of the purity of the cotton in the garment.




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